Feb 28, 2012

Cultural exchange / Intercanvi cultural

I've been very busy lately with my Playful Learning Spaces course which I've really enjoyed, winning giveaways (yes, another one, I can't believe my luck!) and preparing my cultural exchange package. 

He estat molt ocupada últimament amb el meu curs de Playful Learning Spaces que m’ha agradat molt, guanyant regals (sí, un altre, no m’ho crec ni jo!) , i preparant el meu paquet d'intercanvi cultural.
We were 5 families in my group, so last week I sent my 4 packages to the US, Canada and Japan!!!
I tried to show a hint of our city, our life and our culture and language(s). Most of the materials sent are handmade. 
Here is what you may find inside:

En el meu grup hi havien 5 famílies, de manera que la setmana passada vaig enviar els meus 4 paquets als EUA, Canadà i Japó! Vaig intentar recollir una xicoteta mostra del que és la nostra ciutat, la nostra vida i la nostra cultura i llengua/llengües.
Açò és el que es pot trobar a l'interior:

Since we live near the sea and the mountains, I sent this visual dictionary with the words translated into Catalan and Spanish, a deck of cards (with instructions to play a popular game) and some small bags I sewed and filled with herbs we had collected in the mountain.                                                       
Com que vivim prop del mar i la muntanya,vaig enviar aquest diccionari visual amb les paraules traduïdes al català i l'espanyol, una baralla de cartes (amb les instruccions per jugar un joc popular) i uns saquets que vaig cosir i plenar d'herbes que haviem recollit a la muntanya.

 I did this game myself. It includes some images of the mos important sites and monuments in our city, as well as a map. I cut , numbered and laminated the images, wrote some information about the places and made up a game for the children to practice asking for and giving directions in a city (both in Spanish and Catalan).

Vaig fer aquest joc jo. Es tracta d'imatges dels llocs i monuments de la nostra ciutat, així com un mapa. Vaig tallar, numerar i plastificar les imatges, vaig escriure informació sobre els llocs i vaig inventar un joc per a què els xiquets i xiquetes aprenguen a  demanar i donar instruccions sobre com moure’s en una ciutat (en espanyol i en català).

I included a small pan (called paella) and the recipe along with the ingredients to prepare it. They are made of felt, wool, or they are real ingredients.

He inclòs una paella xicoteta i la recepta juntament amb els ingredients per preparar-la. Estàn fets amb feltre, llana, o són ingredients de veres.

And, finally, a tutorial to do a placemat so that you can place your paella once cooked. I was inspired by this tutorial. Rope has been, and is, widely used here. You can still find baskets, shoes, chairs, etc. made with different kinds of rope (yute, hemp, and many others.)

I, finalment, un tutorial per fer un sitiet per a posar la paella, una vegada l'hem cuinat. Em vaig inspirar en aquest tutorial. La corda ha sigut, i és, àmpliament utilitzada ací. Encara es poden trobar cistelles, sabates, cadires, etc fetes amb diferents tipus de cordes (jute, cànem, i molts altres.)

I have really enjoyed preparing this ackage. Aitana has helped, too. I'm looking forward to the families feedback and also to receiving our packages!!!

He gaudit molt preparant aquest paquet per a l’intercanvi. Aitana ha ajudat, també. Estic desitjant saber les reaccions de les famílies i també rebre els nostres paquets!

Thanks for your comments
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  1. Such a thoughtful package! I'm going to have a go at those placemats too!

    1. Thanks Rachael,
      I have really enjoyed participating in this exchange. I'll sure repeat the experience!
      The placemats are worth having a go, and even trying to make a rug or a carpet!!!